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January 26,  2012:  members of the Polish Parliament wearing Guy Fawkes masks to protest ACTA

Help stop ACTA by signing and spreading this Avaaz online petition.


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Today, January 18, we are striking against censorship

Join the largest online protest in history: tell Congress to stop this bill now!





In just 7 days, the Senate will vote on forever altering the free and open internet by instituting a new regime of extra-judicial, corporate-led website takedowns. This is a fundamental fight about who has power in society — the people with the means to communicate freely or the governments and corporations that feel threatened.  If there was ever a time to get involved and make your voice heard IT IS NOW.  Sign the petition, spread the word, black out and/or redirect your website for January 18 in protest.  Let them know we will not be silenced.

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For those reading this who are connected to me via Facebook, I think it’s been fairly obvious during the past weeks (from my FB notes, pictures, comments, etc) that my experiences, conversations, and somewhat obsessive research have opened up my understanding and perspective on the current Occupy Wall Street movement. I was initially quick to defend the NYPD after the Union Square/West Village protests, where about 80 were arrested. This was because of my own personal experience with the NYPD, and *especially* in comparison to my experience with the Seattle Police Department. In comparison, from where I stood, the NYPD had already earned their wings.  By my interactions (and Jack’s…we had an extensive conversation about this following the protest arrests), I associated them to be like one’s brother/ sister/neighbor/ co-worker. Very much the blue-collar cop you want on the street, very human, who you feel really understands the people. So when the news and footage started circulating the internet and exploded in social media, I was shocked, and confused, and truly thought, there has to be more to the story; this doesn’t make sense, something is not being told. And I think to an extent that could still possibly be true. But also, perhaps, if I am totally truthful with myself, I didn’t *want* to believe it. It felt akin to my 7 year old self putting two-and-two together and suddenly coming to the realization that the Easter Bunny isn’t real. And then if the Easter Bunny isn’t real, then neither is Santa Clause. Nor the Tooth Fairy. The sky is falling.

There is also the somewhat moderate liberal side of me, who has liberal politics, but tries, in my older and “wiser” years (emphasis on older), to not be so quick to jump the gun. To see the human beings in the situations, not just the clusters of people with one big fat label. I don’t want anyone doing that to me, so I don’t want to do that to anybody else.  And I still do stand by that. In the incidents of violent arrests that occurred at Union Square, I don’t think it’s fair or justified to come down on the entire NY Police Department, nor all of the “white shirts.” I feel that it is my responsibility as a human being to try my best to take each incident and the individual(s) that participated and analyze from that standpoint.  At the same time, when you have (an) organization(s) tolerating and even approving of such behavior….well then we have another problem…and a responsibility to look deeper into who or what ($$$) is pulling the puppet strings.

I have altered my original stance as I really have no logical choice but to obviously assess that some illegal and NOT OKAY actions were taken by certain members of the NYPD during that particular protest march. I believe this, too, of the march on the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday, October 1st, where it is estimated that over 700 people were arrested. I have spent hours reading articles of personal perspectives from people who were there (reporters and amateur writers alike), and watched equally, if not more, video footage from every angle possible (including that put out by the NYPD). It should probably be a whole other blog post in and of itself, but for sake cutting to the chase, I will simply say that from my very detailed assessment, the police intended and wanted and intentionally led the marchers onto the bridge with THE PLAN to arrest as many as possible. I realize some will not agree with me, but I stand by that conviction. The choices they made (and didn’t make) that day make it glaringly obvious to me.   For this blog post, I will leave it at that (SAVE that they already had scores of cop cars and vans and MTA buses lined up on the other side of the bridge ready to be put into action…I’M JUST SAYING).

One of my biggest criticisms of the movement before I initially went down to Wall Street was that after thoroughly researching, I felt that the participants were not making it clear what exactly they are trying to achieve. Even after my first time going down there and talking to volunteers, I was not fully satisfied. There seemed to be no “end goal,” no “demands.” It took my talking to a lot of people and reading everything I could find to finally get it and have a massive “aha!” shift occur in my understanding.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  You cannot solve the problem at the level of the problem. The solution can only be discovered and created at the level of the solution. In other words, go back to the Beginning.

That is what is NOW happening, and no longer just in Zuccotti Park or  in other Occupations all over America; suddenly this movement is simultaneously giving birth in cities all over the world. What I initially misunderstood as a National Revolution is indeed, in Truth, a Worldwide Revolution. I don’t mean World War 3 is upon us; we are intelligent beings (when we chose to be), and it does not HAVE to go down like that. In fact, I besiege (no pun intended) anyone who is reading this to focus their attention concerning this movement to that of a Peaceful Revolution (note:  I did not  say “resolution”).  I DO, and will always, retain faith in Humanity and believe that at the very core of every person is the Seed of Truth of Goodness. Unfortunately, people’s lack of self and external awareness (often by no conscious fault of their own because of the created educational system and cultural society that humans have created promotes exactly that) leads to giving up true personal Power, which has led to our current state of affairs of global oppression.  And, yes, I absolutely include myself in that soup pot.  (Self) Awareness is the first step.  (Actually it’s the only step).

What is being created now is something new entirely.  It is happening as I type this, Creation in Motion.  As I was reviewing some of my pictures and video footage from my visits to Zuccotti Park, I suddenly understood this movement on a powerful visceral level.  It is bigger than even words or ideas or demands or explanations can ever hope to express.  It can only be experienced.

It is the Asian man whose passion in his eyes burns through to your heart as his tortured voice chants with the crowd while holding up his bilingual sign that says, “Protect Humanity’s Peace, Freedom, and Democracy.”

It is the young dreadlock haired woman dancing to the beat of the drums with unapologetic freedom, sans even a hint of self consciousness, while the rest of us watch on secretly thinking, “yes, that’s how I WANT TO LIVE.”

It is the spirit of a 5 year old  Jennifer who has a wild imagination, insatiable curiosity, and questions everything and believes in the magic of the world and TRUSTS herself.  Until she learns what she thinks are the rules of the game,  and that her nonconformist ideas and behavior are not appropriate.

It is the Voice of hundreds that KNOW BETTER.

It is about the Human Spirit’s boiling point, and the refusal to be oppressed  from Its Natural Freedom for one second longer (both self and externally imposed), and the standing up to the external manifestations of that oppression that are our current national and global economical, ecological, judicial, medical, educational, and societal state of affairs.

In the simplest terms, it is about Love (and not the syrupy sentimental kind) of Humanity and Life and the refusal to continue to squelch what is True by applying a band-aid to the dam or, worse yet, adhering that Crayola yellow mocking Happy-Face-Sticker.

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